“ALLAHZILLA” Statement

21 Dec

AllahZilla seen here co' kicking it hardcore with his homeboy, Eazy motherfucking E

AllahZilla seen here photobombing his homeboy, Eazy motherfucking E!

Chizz out this Rare Author Commentary for some somewhat controversial perFart = MADE in the U.S.A.

HEAR is an exclusive reckoning from a slamming slum-poet and the rocked hardly sought-after author of the audio-visual graphic American narrative, “Allahzilla: King of the Monsters”, SIZEMORE the Ravaging One.

Please read and watch at your own risque whimsy…


by Sizemore the Ravaging One

Listen up you rickety unpatriotic bitch-lickers! THIS AIN’T JUST an in-your-facade display of low barred splattering performance, art-worked over post-modern conceptualist disenfranchisement?! OH KNOW, Allahzilla: King of the Monsters unilaterally serves to inform the deformed world of the 9/11 tragedy as seen through the humanic eyes of the dead heroic Oriental-film maker, Ishiro Honda. Always the subversive innovator and dissonant non-conformist, Honda drove subtle political jabs at the power-rabid establishment in all of his major cinematic efforts including the original Godzilla: King of the Monsters, wherein he necessarily questioned whether mankind would be better served by NOT pursuing nuclear weapon usage…

Cool people rule?

Cool people rule?

One similar corollary to Honda’s rebellious story-telling technique that can be faintly related to a specific scenario in the lame brain-shaking video below, fits the befitting part wherein high-jacking firecrackers {yikes, Chinese-made explosive devices used to celebrate U.S. independence = national symbolism?} were set-off during the bewildering deconstructionist melee that took place during the aggressive rapacious rendering of the model twin towers (formerly a transformable plug-in space heater). To some of the six disturbed observers, including the big-tittied Caucasian sound-guy Mark the bass player, this may have seemed like a shallow watered-down chump-stunt that had no significant ballsy bearing on the heavenly hellacious statement being made on stage. Yet, to even the most elementary schooled onlooker, the suggestive use of obvious implosive devices signaled an indie-direct comparison to the widespread conspiracy theory which basically states that pre-planted blow-blows were used to take down some of the buildings during the politically suspicious 9/11 debacle. God knows who did it…

Unlike his mentor/collaborator Akira Kurosawa, Ishiro Honda would have been solemnly proud that the “dead sexy ghost of Osama bin Laden” ironically puppeteered the entire Allahzilla episode since Ishiro Honda was in overt favor of underhandedly exposing the sullen puppets of animatronic societies that ALL obstructing governments use to either conduct AND/OR take the blame for their unending raunchy conquests of the common man’s superfluous purchasing power, inherent sedentary complacency, and inner peaceful autonomy i.e. bin Laden, Lee Harvey Oswald, Ho Chi Minh, Alan Alda, King Tut, Jay-Z, Mothra, Ed-ward Snowden, Ishiro himself, Justin Bieber, and W., just to name a feud. The knifing icing on the godforsaken cake (or should we say, Allahforsaken, ;>) is the blatant creamy portrayal of Osama’s ghost by an old Republican white guy with democratically black problems i.e. Thrusty “Spunk” Rhodes. Mission Accomplished Again!

Come see live drawings of the Prophet Muhammad Ali and other cool tricks at this year's 2014 9/11 show...

Come see live drawings of the prophetic Muhammad Ali living in America and other free dumb shit at this year’s 2014 9/11 show @ CARABAR

This hairy eyebrow-razing re-telling scenario also seems to speak to the in-human monster inside all of us. The blatant use of a make-believe movie-goblin from a bigtime entertainment franchise (Godzilla) who is dressed up in character as a fictitious overlord (Allah) in deplorable order to represent the actual instrument (AllahZilla) used to coerce the towers to fall, seems to convey something more than rudimentary brute stupidity. What the fuck was the wise guy thinking whoever invented 9/11? How many chains can fit on a dick before it explodes? What the Hell is this fried guy thinking who is performing the screaming recreation of this fantastically rancid catastrophe? Why the knuckle-fuckle does pepperoni pumpkin cupcake-pussy pizza taste so damn good on non-acidic paper?

THIS IS the human monster LITERALLY COMING to fruition right before your very retired eyes; the nerve-crackling ejaculating juicy douche-pooper who says that HE has the silly chilling willingness and swollen petering audacity to jerkishly pull off something so monumentally huge that some closed eyewitnesses will never be able to fully know the entire truth behind its exhumed soothsaying intentions or mystical creationistic reasoning, for eternity’s elastic fragility… for eternity’s elastic fragility…

THIS IS the REAL breathing monster that we all call LIFE, Man! FUCK! GOD!

AllahZilla in dress rehearsal for this year's 9/11 JAMPON show

AllahZilla in dress rehearsal for the 2014 9/11 JAMPON memorial show

Whereas, SOME dreary scenester penises may see Allahzilla as the work of a sucker dumb-dumb attention-seeking blowpop star-crunching buttress-muncher, OTHERS may see the heavy heathen-sent message brimming from a formidable punk-drunk weirdo-reflector who puts a premium teething effort into contextualizing every aspect of his fishy baiting artworms plus throbbing observational representations thus justifying the appropriate total usage of the killer FREEDOM that so many TRULY REAL heroic people are apparently dying for….

Dead sexy bin Laden prepares to wow stunned Americans on 9/11/12 with some impressive karaoke skills he learned while training with JESUS CHRIST

Dead sexy bin Laden prepares to wow seven stunned Americans on 9/11/12 with some impressive karaoke skills he learned while “party training” with the CIA.

Thank a mangled American veteran by getting off your ungrateful stateside plastic asses and creating something educationally entertaining for these living kings to justifiably ingest while they raise their numbing glasses with prosthetic glee, grateful to be away from the horrible foreign killing seas, while still flipping out in the plop-thickening middle of their familiar murderoUS home country. BE STRONG!

FREEDOM of SPEECH should be repeated, FREEDOM, that does not touch your flesh, WINS EVERY TIME. Long live everything that physically bangs nothing but itself!

Gory Days, don't let them pass you by, Gory Days, in the wink of a young girl's eye, Gory Days, Gory Days...

“Gory Days, don’t let them pass you by, Gory Days, in the wink of a young girl’s thigh, Gory Days, Gory Days…”

SO, British Halloween bitches take notes. If you want to do topical comedy in public about recent international tragedies, then prepare yourself with educated excuses, hide your drugs, and get ready to have zero true friends in real life.

Everyone you know is a withering airhead drone who wantonly hovers over whorish incorporated corpses like turd-gurgling vultures upon rotting skunk-anus guts.  Your former beast-friendly homies’ hissy bitch-made FEAR of antisocial media-retaliation for your abrasive American whimsy — that makes you hysterically daring enough to not give a TRENDY SHIT about anything but DOPE EROTIC ART — has become too overbearing for any modern familial Selfie to picture staying by your one-of-a-kind hind-sightless sideshow of mastermind blowing mechanisms. YOU don’t need anything else but God’s fomenting pussy-hole in order to make something crazily amazing that will fatefully inspire future mutated babies to keep presently raging forever…

Why not USE the freedom that Americans paid the ultimate cost for, on this dastardly day??

Why not USE the freedom that Americans paid the ultimate cost for??

IN CONCLUSION, Go to Cedar Point with only your hopeful ass, extended-release CIALIS, stolen pirate pants, a fanny sack stuffed with loose Smarties, googly videographic SUNglasses, a full brain-stomach of white fluff acid dosed on Smarties, and an invisible seeing-eye dog named “Butch Cassius Clay” (so no one will think you are an outright pedophile). Gather the shady day’s evidence, splice it with trippy XP screensavers, and call the final moving edit, “Swashbuckle Joyride Pork Fight”, then sell 10 episodes of this new hot children’s show to Adult Swim in exchange for a long hard-earned pair of solid concrete Truck Nutz autographed by Bruce Vilanch’s semen. Is Muhammad Ali dead yet??!!??


SIZEMORE the Ravaging One

— writer and creator of Allahzilla: King of the Monsters and most of JAMPON’s sonic spectacles of stage and street


AllahZilla takes down Tower 1 with his brutal rhetoric

AllahZilla burps down Tower 1 with his fiery trick rhetoric. Always Remember to Never Forget, that head honkies in charge thoroughly profited off that tragical shit. Cry or Try?

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